♧ Lobed

with lobe tips that are …
∧ pointed  or
intermediate, some of each, hard to say
bur oak  Quercus macrocarpa
∩ rounded, smooth :

Mixed (some leaves are lobed, other leaves on same tree are non-lobed)

▲▲ toothed
mulberry  genus Morus

___ smooth margin [?];  lobes=left+​right+​middle;  leaves=thin;  bark and leaves=​aromatic[?]
sassafras  Sassafras albidum

___ smooth margin [?];  with and without bristles;    leaves=thick, almost evergreen
♒︎ water oak  Quercus nigra

___ smooth margin;  with and without bristles;    undersurface=​hairy
◼︎ blackjack oak  Quercus marilandica

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