Vincent Van Gogh's painting 'Sunflowers' (F453), select to view full-size

Until certain current world events are resolved, we are temporarily changing our logo to Vincent Van Gogh's painting "Sunflowers" (F453).

We created a new page on 🌻︎ sunflower  genus Helianthus, where you can learn about the plant and flowers.

We believe and hope we can soon return to our regular logo …

logo of I Can See Nature!, select to view full-size
Our logo is a ◼︎ Eurasian red squirrel  Sciurus vulgaris, part of bushy-tailed squirrel  genus Sciurus in squirrel  family Sciuridae.

Curious, smart and modern, using the power of today's mobile technology to identify natural items important to him or her.  In this case, food.

Our logo's name and gender are unknown, although perhaps we will learn these 🚧 in the future.  Stay tuned!

If you like our logo, please support our artist, who does top-notch illustrations for ⚕︎🔬︎📡︎ medical, biological and scientific 🌄︎📄︎ presentations and publications:
  Rachel Kathleen Art and Design.

image from PBS program _Nature_ episode S37Ep4 'A Squirrel's Guide to Success', select to view video
A video highlighting the Eurasian red squirrel (PBS program Nature episode S37Ep4 "A Squirrel's Guide to Success") is above or to left.

For full effect, select the video image, then icons  full­screen,  captions=On, and ▶︎ Play.