with 🌳︎🍁︎ broadleaves that are evergreen , with each tooth tipped by a stiff | sharp spine , and …
surface=glossy;  margin (edge)=♒︎ undulate[?]
🇬🇧 English holly  Ilex aquifolium

surface=dull;    margin (edge)=not ♒︎ undulate[?]
American holly  Ilex opaca

OR it is NOT (plant is deciduous, with NO stiff sharp spines), but …

with leaf margins (edges) having ▴▴▴▴ teeth so small I can barely see them with the naked eye, and …
shrub, height=<1 m (<3 ft);  leaf shape=oblong ( longer than wide);  stems=hairless;  wet feet
alderleaf buckthorn  Rhamnus alnifolia

tree;  leaf shape=oblong ( longer than wide);  stems=hairy, dark
glossy buckthorn  Frangula alnus

tree;  leaf shape= oval (barely longer than wide);  twigs=​hairless, spine-tipped[?]
common buckthorn  Rhamnus cathartica

OR it does NOT (leaf margins=▲▲ singly-toothed ), but with …
each leaf lateral vein terminates in multiple teeth
🍒︎ cherry 🌰︎ chestnut cottonwood elm poplar serviceberry

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