with leaflets usually numbering/arranged:
leaflets=5 or more, radiating from 🍁︎ one point (✋︎ palmate);  fruit a large capsule
🌰︎ chestnut/buckeye genus Aesculus

OR they are NOT (they have leaflets=3 or more, arranged 🌿︎ pinnate ), but with . . .
3 leaflets, side leaflets asymmetrically 2-lobed, end leaflet not- or 3-lobed, each lobe ending in a very-pointy (but soft) tip;  vine;  purple elongated flower clusters
kudzu Pueraria montana

OR they are NOT, but with . . .
leaflets have different sizes and shapes
boxelder Acer negundo

OR they are NOT, but with . . .
leaflets have no petiolule (grow direct from leaf-stem);  leaflets=7-(9)-11;  leaf length=25-40 cm (10-16 in)
black ash Fraxinus nigra

OR they are NOT, but with . . .
leaflets are regularly toothed;  twigs=■ square with corky wings
blue ash Fraxinus quadrangulata

OR they are NOT, but with . . .
twigs and leaf stalks are hairy
red ash Fraxinus pennsylvanica

OR they are NOT, but with . . .
leaflet uppersurface and undersurface=­green;  leaf scar shape=D◗
red ash variant green ash Fraxinus pennsylvanica

leaflets=5-(7)-9;  leaflet undersurface=­whitish;  leaf scar shape=C
white ash Fraxinus americana

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