I can see a terrestrial woody plant with 🍁︎ leaves, arranged ╫ opposite, blade division=🍁︎ simple, margin (edge)=♧ lobed, 3-7 main veins radiating from 🍁︎ one point (✋︎ palmate), with . . .

leaf sinuses that are:
      not sure

Rounded sinuses (U-shaped)

with leaf lobes that number:
3 (4+5 very small)   5   5 (6+7 very small) :

3-lobed (4+5 very small)

leaf base=∪ rounded, width = length, undersurface=hairy, sides droop
black maple Acer nigrum


Pacific NW or leaf tips=∩ rounded
big-leaf maple Acer macrophyllum

leaf base=∪ rounded, width = length
sugar maple Acer saccharum

5-lobed (6+7 very small)

leaf base=___ straight, width > length, leaf stem injury exudes white milky juice
Norway maple Acer platanoides

leaf base=___ straight, width < length, end lobe narrows toward base
🇨🇦 Canadian flag Vexillum canadensis

Learn more about 🍁︎ maple genus Acer (Acer spp.)

Uses by native peoples
(Ethnobotany database)
Used as host by caterpillars of 281 species
of 🦋 butterflies and moths, in some areas.

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