A group of several dozen related plants in birthwort  family Aristolochiaceae.

Native to temperate zones of the 🌐︎ Northern Hemisphere, with some species native to East Asia (🇨🇳 China, 🇯🇵 Japan, and 🇻🇳 Vietnam), some to 🇨🇦 🇺🇸 🇲🇽 North America, and one species to 🇪🇺 Europe.   🗺 Map of 3 species by county (🇺🇸 USA-48), and 🇨🇦 southern Canada (all species together) (color key).

Uses by native peoples
(Ethnobotany database)

Used as host by caterpillars of 1 species
of butterflies and moths, in some areas.

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