Also called Faxon yucca, 🇪🇸 Spanish dagger (although do not confuse with sister-species ⚶ Mojave yucca  Yucca schidigera, which is also sometimes called that), Yucca treculeana, Yucca torreyi, and more.

Part of yucca  genus Yucca (🏛 state flower of New Mexico) in asparagus  family Asparagaceae.

Native to the 🏜 Chihuahuan Desert of 🇲🇽 🇺🇸 northern México, southern New Mexico, and southwestern Texas.   🗺 Map by county (🇺🇸 USA-48) (color key), 🗺 map (North America, Central America).  Adobe Acrobat Reader file

Uses by native peoples
(Ethnobotany database)

Yucca hosts caterpillars of 29 species
of butterflies and moths, in some areas.

Learn more about ⚶ Torrey yucca Yucca faxoniana

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