Despite its common name, does not emit light.

Part of lanternfly  genus Lycorma in lanternfly  family Fulgoridae in 🐜︎🐛︎ true bug  order Hemiptera in 🐞︎🐛︎🐜︎🐝︎ insect  class Insecta.

Native to 🇨🇳 China, 🇮🇳 India, and 🇻🇳 Vietnam.   Invasive > learn+quiz Invasive > 🇨🇦 🇺🇸 Canada+USA Invasive > report it! Invasive > Michigan MSUE article

"As spotted lanternflies spread, some influencers go viral for capturing or killing them."  NBC News.  2022-08-27.

Visually stunning, SLF has been reported to attack and feed on over 70 species of plants, including: [1] [2] [3]

tree of heaven  Ailanthus altissima ◀SLF's preferred host!,

🍁︎ maple  genus Acer (without leaves) :  ☙ 🍁︎ vine maple  Acer circinatum, bigleaf maple  Acer macrophyllum, boxelder maple  Acer negundo, ◼︎ 🍁︎ black maple  Acer nigrum, Japanese maple  Acer palmatum, ⫼ 🍁︎ striped maple  Acer pensylvanicum, 🇳🇴 🍁︎ Norway maple  Acer platanoides, sycamore maple  Acer pseudoplatanus, ◼︎ 🍁︎ red maple  Acer rubrum, ◼︎ 🍁︎ silver maple  Acer saccharinum, 🍭︎🍁︎ sugar maple  Acer saccharum, 🏔🍁︎ mountain maple  Acer spicatum,

serviceberry  genus Amelanchier,

cherry or sweet birch  Betula lenta, 📄︎ paper birch or ◼︎ American white birch  Betula papyrifera,

pignut hickory  Carya glabra,

dogwood  genus Cornus :  flowering dogwood  Cornus florida, Cornelian-cherry dogwood  Cornus mas; ◼︎ gray dogwood  Cornus racemosa, ◼︎ red osier or red twig dogwood  Cornus sericea,

American beech  Fagus grandifolia,
◼︎ white ash  Fraxinus americana,

butternut/walnut  genus Juglans :  butternut  Juglans cinerea, ◼︎ eastern black walnut  Juglans nigra,

🌷︎ American tulip tree  Liriodendron tulipifera,

🍎︎ apple  genus Malus :  🍎︎ wild crabapple  Malus coronaria, 🍎︎ prairie crabapple  Malus ioensis, 🍎︎ common apple  Malus pumila,

◼︎ white mulberry  Morus alba,
◼︎ black tupelo or black gum  Nyssa sylvatica,
Virginia creeper  Parthenocissus quinquefolia,

🌲︎ pine  genus Pinus :  ◼︎ whitebark pine  Pinus albicaulis jack pine  Pinus banksiana, lodgepole pine  Pinus contorta, shortleaf pine  Pinus echinata, limber pine or 🏔◼︎ Rocky Mountain white pine  Pinus flexilis, 🇪🇺 ◼︎ European black pine  Pinus nigra, longleaf pine  Pinus palustris, ponderosa pine  Pinus ponderosa, ◼︎ red pine  Pinus resinosa, pitch pine  Pinus rigida, ◼︎ eastern white pine  Pinus strobus, Scots pine  Pinus sylvestris, loblolly pine  Pinus taeda, scrub pine  Pinus virginiana,

American sycamore  Platanus occidentalis,

aspen/​cottonwood/​poplar  genus Populus :  ◼︎ white poplar  Populus alba, balsam poplar  Populus balsamifera, eastern cottonwood  Populus deltoides, bigtooth aspen  Populus grandidentata, ♒︎ swamp cottonwood  Populus heterophylla, balm of Gilead  Populus × jackii, 🇪🇺 ◼︎ European black poplar  Populus nigra, quaking aspen  Populus tremuloides, ◼︎ black cottonwood  Populus trichocarpa,

almond / apricot / 🍒︎ cherry / 🍊︎ nectarine / 🍑︎ peach / plum  genus Prunus :  American plum  Prunus americana, 🍒︎ pin cherry  Prunus pensylvanica, ◼︎🍒︎ black cherry  Prunus serotina, 🍒︎ chokecherry  Prunus virginiana,

oak  genus Quercus :  ◼︎ white oak  Quercus alba, ♒︎ ◼︎ swamp white oak  Quercus bicolor, ◼︎ scarlet oak  Quercus coccinea, northern pin oak  Quercus ellipsoidalis, ◼︎ southern red oak  Quercus falcata, scrub oak  Quercus ilicifolia, shingle oak  Quercus imbricaria, bur oak  Quercus macrocarpa, ◼︎ blackjack oak  Quercus marilandica, chestnut oak  Quercus montana, chinquapin oak  Quercus muehlenbergii, ♒︎ water oak  Quercus nigra, pin oak  Quercus palustris, willow oak  Quercus phellos, 🇬🇧 English oak  Quercus robur, ◼︎ northern red oak  Quercus rubra, post oak  Quercus stellata, ◼︎ black oak  Quercus velutina, southern live oak  Quercus virginiana,

◼︎ black locust  Robinia pseudoacacia,

multiflora rose  Rosa multiflora, Japanese rose  Rosa rugosa,

willow  genus Salix :  ◼︎ white willow  Salix alba, ◼︎ peach-leaved willow  Salix amygdaloides, 😭︎ weeping willow  Salix babylonica, corkscrew willow  Salix matsudana, ◼︎ black willow  Salix nigra,

sassafras  Sassafras albidum,
Japanese snowbell  Styrax japonicus,
common lilac  Syringa vulgaris,
American basswood or American linden  Tilia americana,
slippery elm or ◼︎ red elm  Ulmus rubra and
🍇︎ grape  genus Vitis.

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