where the seeds and associated structures are …

🌰︎🌲︎⚮🚁︎🌾︎  nuts cones samaras seeds
🍎︎🍇︎ fruit berries etc.

Dry:  🌰︎🌲︎⚮🚁︎🌾︎  nuts cones samaras seeds

where each seed is covered by …

a thick husk
🌰︎ nuts  (incl. beech, hazelnut and oak acorns)
🚧 under construction

a cone, with ⨇ overlapping scales protecting the seeds
🌲︎ conifer  order Pinales
🚧 under construction

wings, like a 🚁︎ helicopter
⚮🚁︎ samaras  (incl. ash, elm, maple)
🚧 under construction
🌾︎  plain seeds, including those with a coating or extension (achene)
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Fleshy fruit:  Seeds on 🍓︎ outside of soft fruit

👟︎ ankle-high groundcover;  flowers have yellow center, leaves have 3 leaflets and ▲▲ large teeth
🍓︎ strawberry  genus Fragaria

Simple fruit:  roughly spherical, not lumpy, with skin surrounding fruit flesh, surrounding a seed

where the fruit skin and flesh surrounds …
a ⬮ hard stone (bony ovary wall), which contains a seed
drupes[?]  (incl. apricot, 🍒︎ cherry, olive, 🍑︎ peach and plum)

a paper-wall, which contains the seeds
🍎︎🍐︎ pome[?]  (incl. 🍎︎ apple, hawthorn, and 🍐︎ pears)

a tough hollow, which contains several seeds
rose hips

bare seeds, not covered by a paper-wall nor stone nor hollow
🍇︎ berries[?]  (incl. 🫐 blueberry, cranberry, grapes and 🍅︎ tomato)

🍎︎🍐︎ Pome:  a paper-wall, which contains the seeds

🚧 under construction
thorn-like twigs;  leaves=🍂︎ non-lobed, undersurface=​woolly ⫴ hair
🍎︎ common apple  Malus pumila

🚧 under construction
thorn-like twigs;
leaves=somewhat-♧-lobed;  twigs, petioles and leaf undersurface=​woolly
🍎︎ prairie crabapple  Malus ioensis

🚧 under construction
southern crabapple  Malus angustifolia

🚧 under construction
thorn-like twigs;
leaves=somewhat--lobed;  twigs and leaves=not woolly
🍎︎ wild crabapple  Malus coronaria

🚧 under construction
leaf undersurface=___ smooth
🍐︎ common pear  Pyrus communis

🚧 under construction
tree has thorns
◼︎ black hawthorn  Crataegus douglasii

🚧 under construction
leaf widest in middle, ___ smooth, leathery, ▲▲ singly-toothed
cockspur hawthorn  Crataegus crus-galli

🚧 under construction
leaf widest toward tip, ▲▴▲▴ doubly-toothed
dotted hawthorn  Crataegus punctata

🚧 under construction
leaf widest at base, stem and leaf=⫴ hairy
downy hawthorn  Crataegus mollis

🚧 under construction
leaf widest at base, stem and leaf=___ smooth, not obviously lobed
thicket hawthorn  Crataegus intricata

🚧 under construction
fruit=red;  leaf widest at base, stem and leaf=___ smooth, some leaves have 3 lobes with deep sinuses, midrib=orange
Washington hawthorn  Crataegus phaenopyrum

🍇︎ Berries:  soft fruit with seeds covered by no paper-wall nor stone nor hollow

berries=black, spherical, small;
shrub[?], height=<1 m (<3 ft);  leaf shape=oblong (2 × longer than wide);  stems=hairless;  wet feet
alderleaf buckthorn  Rhamnus alnifolia

berries=black, spherical, each contains 1–4 seeds;
woody shrub
🇪🇺 European privet  Ligustrum vulgare

twigs not spine-tipped[?]
viburnum  genus Viburnum

berries=black, spherical, small;
tree[?];  leaf shape=oblong (2 × longer than wide);  stems=⫴ hairy, dark
glossy buckthorn  Frangula alnus

berries=black, spherical, small;
tree;  leaf shape= oval (barely longer than wide);  twigs=​hairless, spine-tipped[?]
🇪🇺 European or common buckthorn  Rhamnus cathartica

🚧 under construction
🫐 blueberry  genus Vaccinium

🚧 under construction
cranberry  genus Vaccinium

🚧 under construction
🍇︎ grape  genus Vitis

🚧 under construction
🍅︎ tomato  Solanum lycopersicum

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Thoreau once remarked that most fruits or seeds have 🐦︎✈︎ wings of some sort or other — even those of the 🍒︎ cherry.  —

Less obvious are that trillium  genus Trillium (and other woodland plants that seem to grow in clumps) have seeds with a 😋︎ yummy attachment, that get them moved around by 🐜︎ ants!

Fruit:  ⚮🚁︎ samaras, legumes, drupes, and aggregate achenes.   Fruit (botany), ovary (botany), seeds.   Flora Finder

🍎︎🍇︎🌾︎ Fruit and seeds (photo thumbnails) (Minnesota) ☀︎ late summer, 🍃︎ autumn.