Part of spruce  genus Picea in 🌲︎ cedar / fir / hemlock / larch / pine / spruce  family Pinaceae in 🌲︎ conifer  order Pinales.

Native to 🇨🇦 Canada, Alaska, and northern continental 🇺🇸 USA.

🗺 Map by county (🇺🇸 USA-48), 🗺 map (scroll down), 🗺 map (North America, Central America),  Adobe Acrobat Reader file 🗺 today + with climate change (eastern 🇺🇸 USA).

🏛🌲︎ Provincial tree of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Uses by native peoples
(Ethnobotany database)

Picea hosts caterpillars of 158 species
of butterflies and moths, in some areas.

An important part of the taiga (boreal forest).   Black spruce 🔥︎ burns very well.  It is the primary tree burned in the Fort McMurray Horse River wildfire. [1] [2]


[1]  "Fire Effects Information System (FEIS)".  US Forest Service.  .   Accessed .

[2]  "A Review of the Horse River Wildfire".  Alberta Agriculture and Forestry.  Adobe Acrobat Reader file   Accessed .

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