Part of adder's tongue / lily / ◼︎ violet  genus Erythronium in family Liliaceae in lily / trillium / 🌷︎ tulip  order Liliales.

Native to 🇨🇦 Canada and 🇺🇸 USA, east of (or close to) the Mississippi River.  In some of these areas, may coexist with sister-species ◼︎ white trout lily  Erythronium albidum.

Uses by native peoples
(Ethnobotany database)

Wildflowers of West Michigan  Adobe Acrobat Reader file (page 10)   Bloom dates in northern lower Michigan.  Adobe Acrobat Reader file (page 2)

Learn more about ◼︎ yellow trout lily or ◼︎ ◼︎ yellow dogtooth violet Erythronium americanum

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