In North America, also called Scotch pine, despite having nothing to do with the production nor enjoyment of that beverage.

In the 🇬🇧 UK, also called ◼︎ yellow pine.  Although do not confuse with sister species sometimes also called that:

Part of 🌲︎ pine  genus Pinus in 🌲︎ cedar / fir / hemlock / larch / pine / spruce  family Pinaceae.

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Native throughout 🇳🇴 🇸🇪 🇫🇮 Scandinavia, and much of 🇪🇺 Europe, 🇷🇺 Russia and Siberia.

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On No-Plant List by Seneca Nation of Indians.  Adobe Acrobat Reader file (page 64)

The 💎︎ mineral olivine is harder than most other minerals.  Thus compared to other areas, 🗻︎ mountain ridges made of olivine are slower to break down, have thinner soils, and are often dryer.  This tree, being drought-resistant, is thus one of few trees to thrive on olivine rock.  Which results in the 💎︎🌲︎ olivine pine forests around certain fjords in 🇳🇴 Norway.

This plant is known to be a host for (in areas where invasive) 🐝︎ spotted lanternfly (SLF)  Lycorma delicatula.

Some sources say one of the ♐︎ Schöningen spears was made from the wood of this tree.

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Best Control Practices BCP (Ontario)  Adobe Acrobat Reader file

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