Also called a bramble, as are its sister-species in 🍇︎ blackberry/raspberry  genus Rubus, and its cousin-species in sister-genus 🌹︎ rose  genus Rosa — all with ⍋⍋⍋⍋ many prickles along their stems.

Despite its common name, botanically, its fruit is not a berry, but a "drupe".   The fruit color may be yellow, orange, or red.

Part of 🍇︎ blackberry/raspberry  genus Rubus in 🌹︎ rose  family Rosaceae in 🍎︎ apple / 🍇︎ berry / buckthorn / elm / hemp / 🌹︎ rose  order Rosales.

Native to 🇨🇦 🇺🇸 Canada and USA's Pacific Northwest, in damp areas, along the coast from Alaska's Aleutian Islands and South, to British Columbia, Washington, Oregon and California, but also extending up river valleys, into Idaho.   🗺 Map by county (🇺🇸 USA-48) (color key), 🗺 map (🇨🇦 Canada and 🇺🇸 USA).   And 🇯🇵 Japan and West Virginia, according to the USFS links ↓ below.

Uses by native peoples
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