Also called Senjed, Persian olive, wild olive, ◼︎ silver berry and oleaster.

Very distantly related to (not in the same genus, family, order nor subclass as) the food olive 🇪🇺 European olive  Olea europaea.

Instead, part of oleaster/silverberry  genus Elaeagnus in oleaster  family Elaeagnaceae in 🍎︎ apple / 🍇︎ berry / buckthorn / elm / hemp / 🌹︎ rose  order Rosales.

Native to western and central Asia.   🌎︎ Map by county (🇺🇸 USA-48) (colors).   Invasive > learn+quiz Invasive > 🌐︎ global Invasive > 🌐︎ various Invasive > 🇨🇦+🇺🇸 Canada+USA Invasive > report it! Invasive > 🇺🇸 USA Invasive > USFS  Adobe Acrobat Reader file Invasive > Michigan treatment details (Michigan)  Adobe Acrobat Reader file (pages 38, 134 and 247) Control and Alternatives (Maryland)  Adobe Acrobat Reader file (page 3)   inv. trading card  Adobe Acrobat Reader file

Learn more about 🇷🇺 Russian olive Elaeagnus angustifolia

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