with …

petiole[?]=___ flat  or
petiole = ◯ round :

Petiole=___ flat

blade base=___ flat, ▴▴▴▴ teeth=very small (>5/cm) (>12/in), tree very tall thin
🇪🇺 ◼︎ European black poplar  Populus nigra

blade base=___ flat, ▲▲ teeth=medium (2–3/cm) (5–8/in)
eastern cottonwood  Populus deltoides

blade base= rounded (U-shaped), ▲▲ teeth=few+large, leaf longer than wide
bigtooth aspen  Populus grandidentata

blade base= rounded (U-shaped), ▴▴▴▴ teeth=small, leaf about as long as wide
quaking aspen  Populus tremuloides

Learn more about aspen/​cottonwood/​poplar genus Populus

Part of willow  family Salicaceae.

🗺 Map by county (🇺🇸 USA-48) (color key).

Uses by native peoples
(Ethnobotany database)

Populus hosts caterpillars of 367 species
of butterflies and moths, in some areas.
  This plant is also known to be a host for (in areas where invasive) 🐝︎ spotted lanternfly (SLF)  Lycorma delicatula.

Often grows in clonal colonies [1] — look around for other stems!

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