with …

3 leaflets, terminal (center) leaflet=medium petiolule, lateral (side) leaflets=no petiolule and asymmetric blade;  low shrub or climbing vine
X✋︎ DO NOT TOUCH ✋︎X poison ivy

not poison ivy :

Not poison ivy

with leaf margins (edges) that are/have
▲▲ toothed[?] or | spines[?]
hickory/​mountain ash/​pecan/​sumac/​butternut/​walnut

__∩ (0-)1-2(-4) bumps near leaflet base  or

___ smooth (not ▲▲ toothed) :

___ smooth (not ▲▲ toothed)

leaves with blade division
🌿︎ singly-pinnately-compound  or
some singly- and some doubly-pinnately-compound  or
doubly-pinnately-compound :

Blade division=some singly- and some doubly-pinnately-compound

leaflets=short (<4 cm) (<1½ in), symmetrical[?];  in wild, branches and trunk have large smooth | thorns[?]
honey locust  Gleditsia triacanthos

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