Insects are animals with:

Part of arthropod ("jointed foot")  phylum Arthropoda in 🐟︎ 🐢︎🐇︎🐜︎🐛︎ animal  kingdom Animalia.

Insects are divided into 6-10 million species, making up 50-90% of all animal types on earth.  You will find insects in almost all parts of the land and air, and some parts of the ocean.

🚧 In the future, we may add here identi­fi­ca­tion paths for specific species of insects, probably starting with
gall adelgid  Adelges cooleyi, hemlock woolly adelgid (HWA)  Adelges tsugae,
two-lined chestnut borer  Agrilus bilineatus, emerald ash borer (EAB)  Agrilus planipennis,

image from dress rehearsal before 4-H presentation Bee A Bee, select to view video image from rehearsal before 4-H presentation Bee A Bee, select to view video 🐝︎ honeybee  genus Apis,
🐝︎ bumblebee  genus Bombus (Michigan Natural Features Inventory) (educational videos from OSU), and videos above or to right of rehearsals before 4-H presentation Be a Bee.  For full effect, select a video image, then icons  captions and  fullscreen.

beech scale/beech bark disease  Cryptococcus fagisuga,
monarch butterfly  Danaus plexippus,
mountain pine beetle (MPB)  Dendroctonus ponderosae,
black-legged deer ticks  genus Ixodes ⚕︎ ticks and tick-borne diseases (🇺🇸 USA CDC),
🐝︎ spotted lanternfly (SLF)  Lycorma delicatula,
spruce spider mite  Olibonhychus ununguis,
eriophyid mites  Phyllocoptes fructiphilus,
Japanese beetle  Popillia japonica,
pine shoot beetle  Tomicus piniperda,

fireflies  family Lampyridae (despite its common name, not a fly but a beetle), and
🐜︎🐛︎ true bugs  order Hemiptera.

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⚕︎ Ticks and tick-borne diseases (🇺🇸 USA CDC)