Fungi form a kingdom on the same level as (sister to) 🌳︎🌲︎🌵︎🍁︎ ♒︎ ☙ plant  kingdom Plantae and 🐟︎ 🐢︎🐇︎🐜︎🐛︎ animal  kingdom Animalia, but different from them.

Fungi are found 🌍︎🌎︎🌏︎ worldwide.   "Underground fungal relationships key to thriving plants."

🚧 In the future, we may add here identi­fi­ca­tion paths for specific species of fungi, probably starting with
oak anthracnose  Apiognomonia errabunda, sycamore anthracnose  Apiognomonia veneta,
oak wilt disease (OWD)  Bretziella fagacearum,
chestnut blight  Cryphonectria parasitica,
Sphaeropsis tip blight  Diplodia pinea,
trellis rust (TR)  Gymnosporangium sabinae,  Adobe Acrobat Reader file
cytospora canker  Leucostoma kunzei,
🍄︎ morel mushroom  Morchella elata,
Dutch elm disease (DED)  Ophiostoma ulmi and related,
water mold  Phytophtora abietivora and Phytophtora cinnamomi,
Rhizosphaera needlecast  Rhizosphaera kalkhoffii, and
ectomycorrhizal fungi.

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