X🔥︎ DO NOT BURN 🔥︎XAvoid all contact with smoke.

  • If contact with smoke, seek ⚕︎ medical attention with all due speed.
X⛽︎✂︎ DO NOT USE HEDGECLIPPERS ✂︎⛽︎X.  Neither petrol/​gasoline nor electric:

  • I met a guy whose petrol/​gasoline hedgeclippers went through poison ivy before he noticed—plant fragments hit his lungs, the poison entered his bloodstream, hitting all body organs horribly, and putting him under ⚕︎ medical care for months.
  • Perhaps a 😷 P100 HEPA respirator/​filter mask would have helped, but I suggest maximum PPE and ✂︎ hand tools, nice and slow!
X✋︎ ☠︎ DO NOT TOUCH ☠︎ ✋︎X. To avoid skin rash and irritation phytophotodermatitis PPD, due to contact with phototoxic furanocoumarins, leading to ¿permanent damage, disfigurement and blindness?, avoid contact with all parts of this plant [1] with your ✋︎ skin, 👕︎ clothing, 👟︎ shoes and 🐕︎ pets:

  • If contact with anything, seek ⚕︎ professional medical advice with all due speed.  This author has heard of chemical causing permanent disfigurement of skin if the victim fails to stay out of the sun for or years (photo​toxic and phyto​photo​derma​titis).  If contact with the eyes, I read it can cause blindness.  Seek someone with more knowledge than me.  Now.
  • Don't delay.  The toxin is activated by UV light, and UV gets you outdoors, even in the shade.

Do not confuse with unrelated similar-named wild parsnip  Pastinaca sativa, and sister-species X✋︎ ☠︎ giant hogweed  Heracleum mantegazzianum ☠︎ ✋︎X which is also sometimes called wild parsnip.  This plant is also sometimes called Heracleum lanatum.

This and the sister-species are part of hogweed/cow parsnip  genus Heracleum in 🥕︎ carrot/celery/parsley  family Apiaceae.

Native to 🇨🇦 Canada except Nunavut, and 🇺🇸 USA except for Hawai'i and the Gulf Coast.   ▭ 🌎︎ Map by county (🇺🇸 USA-48) (colors).

Bloom dates.  Adobe Acrobat Reader file (page 58) Cowparsnip:  A common look-alike to giant hogweed.

Uses by native peoples
(Ethnobotany database)

Heracleum hosts caterpillars of 7 species
of butterflies and moths, in some areas.

Learn more about X✋︎ ☠︎ cow parsnip ☠︎ ✋︎X Heracleum maximum

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