with ║ needles or ⨇ overlapping scales that are …
🌲︎ there now
evergreen or growing season
  🍃︎ now gone
[?], dormant season  

║ Needles or ⨇ scales 🌲︎ there now (evergreen or growing season) …

with needles or ⨇ scales that are …
long (1–45 cm) (½–18 in)  or
long (if mature) or short (if young), splay left + right + up + down + all angles, branches=​widely spaced and arranged=❋ whorled
araucaria  genus Araucaria
short (<1 cm)   (<½ in) :

║ Needles or ⨇ scales = short (<1 cm) (<½ in)

)( soft spikes in new growth and ⨇ overlapping scales in old growth  or

overlapping scales, some ⍋ sharp and prickly, from North America  or

⨇ overlapping scales, branch ends splay ___ flat, as if ironed  or
⨇ overlapping scales, branch ends splay   in any direction  or

needles=⍋ stiff, sharp and short, ◼︎♦ 4-sided[?], and twig=rough where needles fall off
spruce  genus Picea

Learn more about 🌲︎ conifers order Pinales

Pinales hosts caterpillars of >247 species
of butterflies and moths, in some areas.

🌲︎ Conifer  order Pinales have 'naked' seeds — thus called gymnosperm — by:

  • not enclosing its seeds with any ovary structure, and
  • packaging their seeds in cones (a different type of female repro­ductive structure, apparently).

So do ginkgo  Ginkgo biloba, cycad  order Cycadales, and a few more.

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