with …

one stem[?] emerging from the ground  or
multiple stems[?] emerging from the ground at one point :

One stem emerging from the ground

in a pleated cylinder, until old when it might start arms
🌵︎ saguaro  Carnegiea gigantea
with knobby-looking branches that bifurcate[?] into smaller branches in a fractal pattern :

Knobby-looking branches that bifurcate into smaller branches in a fractal pattern

spines[?]=light, dense;                stem bark=​darker
jumping cholla  Cylindropuntia fulgida

spines[?]=dark, uneven length;  stem bark=​lighter
staghorn cholla  Cylindropuntia echinocarpa

Learn more about 🌵︎ cactus family Cactaceae

Part of order Caryophyllales.

🗺 Map (🇨🇦 Canada, 🇺🇸 USA) (color key).

Uses by native peoples
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