If your specimen is/has:with leaflet margin (edge):with (seasonally) flower cluster:then you have:
shrub, 2-3(-5) × the height of an 🚶︎ adult human;
stem and twigs=hairy
▲▲ toothed with large teeth visible from 3 steps back;
leaf injury exudes milky juice
size of very-large ice cream cone, inverted above branch,
(flower) or deep-red (fruit)
lookalike staghorn sumac  Rhus typhina
bark=smooth, tan or light gray-green with optional shallow tan furrows, lots of lenticels
___ smooth, except base has (0-) 1 or 2 (-4) bumps;
crushed leaflets (mash well) smell like peanut butter or rotting cashews
large, above branch,
lookalike tree of heaven (ToH)
Ailanthus altissima
bark=deeply furrowed tan;
some months nuts on or under tree, which do not separate into sections
▲▲ toothed with long teeth visible within arm's length;
leaf=very large (>20 cm) (>8 in), leaflets=large (4-20 cm) (1½-8 in)
size of little-finger,
green catkin
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