Lenticels=conspicuous, light-colored, raised against dark shiny bark

thorn-like twigs[?];  bark=dark red-black, peeling;  keeps low branches
American plum  Prunus americana
no thorn-like twigs;  bark and buds taste bitter :

Lenticels=inconspicuous against the bark

with …
leaf scar=compact, with 3 bundle scars  or
leaf scar =🌙︎ thin crescent :

Leaf scar =🌙︎ thin crescent

buds=smooth and pointed
common pear  Pyrus communis

buds=smooth and round
hawthorn  genus Crataegus

buds=⫴ hairy and blunt; tree=wide
🍎︎ common apple  Malus pumila

buds=woolly tips;  twigs=smooth
🍎︎ wild crabapple  Malus coronaria

buds=woolly tips;  twigs=woolly
🍎︎ prairie crabapple  Malus ioensis