Very smooth (ignore location of former branches, and mature tree lowest trunk)

many colors, each in own asymmetric[?] patches
American sycamore  Platanus occidentalis

two-color (gray with lots of lenticels[?]);  huge ⬮ leaf scars[?] thickly C-shaped, filled by large bud
tree of heaven  Ailanthus altissima

one-color (light gray),     muscular ribs
American hornbeam or 💪︎ musclewood  Carpinus caroliniana

one-color (light gray), no muscular ribs (large trees may have buttress roots[?]), often w/carved graffiti
American beech  Fagus grandifolia

one-color (red or cinnamon), may peel away in thin sheets revealing green cambium
Pacific madrone  Arbutus menziesii

Deep ║ vertical fissures or ribs

very thick vertical ribs, looks covered with warts or puffy paint
hackberry  Celtis occidentalis

very thick vertical ribs, and horizontal ribs, too, looking like clay cubes, of different sizes in different areas of the bark
American persimmon  Diospyros virginiana

🚧 under construction
◼︎ black willow  Salix nigra

Shaggy — separates into features that hang away from the trunk

bark=  covered in burnt potato chips/crisps
mature ◼︎🍒︎ black cherry  Prunus serotina

bark=  ═ horizontal strips (rolling around trunk), thin layers, white over orange
📄︎ paper birch or ◼︎ American white birch  Betula papyrifera

bark=  ║ vertical strips

Bark=║ vertical strips

shrub with multiple stems;  bark=shaggy;  wood=brittle
honeysuckle  genus Lonicera

bark=yellow to red-brown, ragged, shaggy;  twigs=​⫴ hairy
♒︎ river birch  Betula nigra

bark=thick rigid shaggy gray ║ vertical strips, barely attached
mature shagbark hickory  Carya ovata

bark=thick rigid shaggy gray vertical strips;
wild-type trees have branches and trunk have ___ large smooth thorns[?]
🍯︎ honey locust  Gleditsia triacanthos