Very smooth (ignore the lowest part of trunk)

many colors, each in own asymmetric patches   >   American sycamore Platanus occidentalis

one-color (light gray),     muscular ribs   >   American hornbeam / ironwood Carpinus caroliniana
one-color (light gray), no muscular ribs, often w/carved graffiti   >   American beech Fagus grandifolia

one-color (red or cinnamon), may peel away in thin sheets revealing green cambium   >   Pacific madrone Arbutus menziesii

Deep vertical fissures or ribs

very thick vertical ribs, looks covered with warts or puffy paint   >   hackberry Celtis occidentalis
under construction   >   black willow Salix nigra

Separates into features that hang away from the trunk

burnt potato chips/crisps   >   mature 🍒︎ black cherry Prunus serotina

thin layers, rolling up trunk in strips, white over orange   >   American white birch Betula papyrifera
bark=thick rigid shaggy gray strips, barely attached   >   mature shagbark hickory Carya ovata